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Aspasie advantages


By placing your trust in Aspasie, you will be able to build a close working relationship that will make your business grow while fostering and embracing innovation and change.

Our desire to do things right is reflected in the advantages associated with our services:

Fully Integrated Production

Aspasie is a designer and manufacturer of in-mold labels and offers a fully integrated production environment. We design and manufacture your products in-house from A to Z.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We have invested nearly 10 million dollars in high-tech equipment over the last four years alone.

Injection Molding Professionals

You benefit from a team of professionals with a wealth of expertise and sound knowledge in the various molding techniques.

Partnership with All Molders

We are able to work closely with all molders to help you convert to IML technology.


We have all the technology required to produce a prototype for your label. We also have the necessary expertise to work with all molders so that we can provide you with a prototype of your molded plastic containers or parts.

In-House Testing Units

In order to demystify the IML process, it would be a pleasure to carry out in-house demonstrations in our testing units so that you can see the process unfold before your very eyes!

Technical Support

A fully dedicated team of experts is available to answer your every question. Support and availability - that is our commitment to you!