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In-Mold Labeling

The IML Process

In-Mold Labeling

In-mold labeling, or IML, is an innovative technology that opens new horizons in the labeling process used for all types of injection-molded, blow-molded, and thermoformed plastic containers or parts.

The IML process allows you to fuse in-mold labels (high-quality graphic images) to plastic in a single step when molding your plastic containers or parts.

Your brand image is permanently protected with durable plastic properties that resist the elements.

The key to the success of the IML process is the label! Aspasie has proven itself a wise choice since it has mastered the art of producing and printing high-quality in-mold labels at very competitive prices.

Markets Served and Applications

IML technology meets the demands of various markets given its many benefits and qualities, such as permanent, transparent, and waterproof molded labels.

Some of these markets include manufacturers of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, household, petrochemical, and paint containers.

The IML process also applies to various molded plastic parts designed to improve the impact of your brand at points of sale.

The IML process opens a wide door for creativity and is often the ideal solution for custom projects. The advantages of fusing in-mold labels (images) to plastic containers or parts are many, and there are just as many examples of such applications.