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Food Products

Due to its print quality and the different film textures used, the IML process makes an impact on the shelf by creating a "block" that strengthens your brand and product presence.

We offer high quality in-mold labels for a wide range of food-related products such as ice cream and yogurt containers and other plastic packaging products.

Aspasie rigorously complies with the highest safety standards and the strictest IML market regulations established by key players in the food packaging industry.

Our films and coatings are approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) for direct contact with food. Inks are formulated for indirect contact with food according to the principles of low odour and migration recognized by the industry.

The IML process also meets the requirements of the manufacturers by offering in-mold labels that can withstand various storage conditions such as dampness, extreme heat, or extreme cold throughout the shelf life of the product.