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Petrochemical and Paint Products

Petrochemicals are the source of many products used in everyday life. Of these, some are intended for domestic purposes while others are used in industrial environments. The fact remains that the labels for such products must be very resilient.

The information printed on the containers often gives instructions for use, warnings, and first aid measures. Such information is crucial. The labels must therefore withstand repeated use and must not fade over time. These labels should not only fulfill their basic function to inform; they should also be eye-catching enough to generate sales.

If you are looking for a petrochemical product label, Aspasie has the solution. Aspasie can provide you with a myriad of options for effects that will enhance the visual impact of your in-mold labels.

Our in-mold labels are of high quality and have all the essential features that make them effectively resilient to the damaging effects to which petrochemical and paint product containers are exposed.