The most common problem in new IML project is the misplacement of the labels in the mold.

Perfect positioning of the label in the mold depends on a number of factors requiring subtle know-how. Among other things, the automated label positioning process must remain constant, from the time the label is picked up to its positioning in the mold. For example, a mold with faulty electrical grounding may lead to a lack of consistency and precision with respect to the positioning of labels in the mold.

Certain other factors may of course be involved in poor label positioning in the mold, including faulty adjustment of the electrostatic charge retaining the label in place, dirt or residues in the mold, vibrating equipment, the level of humidity in the environment, design of the robotic arm, positioning of the gate location. etc.

"It is in these areas of subtle adjustment that the solutions and optimization of the IML process can be found." (Francis Belleau, technical support for molders at Aspasie.)


The attention of qualified professionals in injection procedures and IML molding is essential to deal with eventual problems and optimize the overall IML production process.

Do not hesitate to call upon Aspasie's dedicated Technical Department. We would remind you that Aspasie acts in partnership with molders, as well as our qualified team in IML label production and injection molding, are there to ensure that you obtain the best possible results for all your IML productions.

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