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Aspasie is a family owned and operated business founded in 1971 by two visionaries, Gaston and Nicole Gélinas. It currently employs 170 people, including Maxim, David, and Anthony Gélinas, the three sons of its founders and now the key decision-makers at Aspasie.

At its inception, the company manufactured custom wigs and hairpieces. The quality and accuracy of its products, as well as its services, quickly exceeded its customer's expectations.

In 1979, Aspasie's expertise encouraged its management to embark on a new venture, that of hair colouring product presentations. Internationally renowned brands soon began to entrust Aspasie with larger and more varied orders for their product presentations at points of sale, such as the design and manufacture of swatches, colour charts, and displays.

Thus, with each new order, and by developing and extending its range of products to enhance the image of its customers at points of sale, Aspasie was able to innovate towards new technologies and continue with its efforts to provide its customers with fully integrated services.

The motivation to foster innovation as well as its commitment to autonomous production also drove Aspasie to outfit its facilities with the best possible equipment and propel the company towards new markets and technologies.

In 2007, Aspasie tackled the plastic packaging industry by manufacturing in-mold labels and undertook the necessary procedures to position itself as a major player in North America.

Owing to many years of experience using the injection molding process to produce parts dedicated to merchandising, as well as to the quality of its high-resolution printing equipment, Aspasie rose to the challenge and today prides itself on being a partner of choice to all molders and brand managers wishing to implement IML technology for their products and services.

Aspasie is also proud of its reputation for high-quality standards, compliance with deadlines, and consistency and accuracy at all levels of operations.

The same motivation that drove their parents now inspires their three sons, Maxim, David, and Antoine to take their place as the company's new generation of pioneers, as they continue to foster innovation and act as a springboard towards new technologies and new markets.

Aspasie's history has only just begun!