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We Know Injection Molding


The Aspasie Quality!

Aspasie customers enjoy the benefits of over 40 years of strong experience and expertise.

A designer and manufacturer of world-renowned in-mold labels, Aspasie's success is owed to its high-quality standards, consistency of service, and customer approach.

Aspasie serves more than 60 countries and highly renowned customers such as L'Oreal, Wella (P&G), Aveda (Estee Lauder), and Schwarzkopf Professional (Henkel). Aspasie has established itself as the gold standard for these customers because of its attention to detail, precision of colours, and exceptional quality of the finished product.

We can fulfill your in-mold label needs for several types of plastic containers, such as those for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and petrochemical products, or any other molded plastic parts.

With Aspasie, you benefit from the strength of our fully integrated services with no intermediaries, ensuring that each manufacturing process undergoes tight monitoring and control.

Ultimately, the Aspasie quality is a guarantee that you will always obtain an in-mold label that is designed and manufactured to the highest standards established in the IML market.

Integrated Solutions!

Fully Integrated Production

Aspasie stands out from the rest because of its extensive and autonomous production environment. We have a prepress department, manufacture our own cutting dies and have been doing so for over a decade, produce and assemble the product, and also coordinate all logistics.

By working with us as an in-mold label partner, you can enjoy savings and reduce management time.

Injection Molding Professionals

You benefit from a team of professionals with a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the injection molding process.

Partnership with Molders

We can work closely with molders who use the injection molding process. We do more than just provide you with excellent quality in-mold labels. We will give you technical advice on the best practices to adopt for the IML process so that the technology can be implemented in your production environment.

A fully dedicated team of experts is available to you to answer your every question.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Aspasie has always maintained a range of state-of-the-art equipment. We have invested nearly 10 million dollars in high-tech equipment over the last four years alone.

The equipment we select for all our departments and work processes is based on the best available technology and machinery, allowing us to design and manufacture in-mold labels that meet the most demanding needs of the IML process.

Green Initiative

Aspasie is committed to improving the environmental performance of our operations as well as those of our products and services. We have implemented aggressive targets to improve the environmental performance of our operations and the life cycle of our products.

We are proud of the fact that we enjoy a long history of compliance with environmental and performance improvement regulations.

We encourage our employees to make concrete changes and favour environmental thinking and action in all that we touch.

We can assure you that by migrating to IML technology, you too can reduce your negative impact on the environment!