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Special Projects

New products arrive on the shelf every day, bringing with them an even greater need for customization. This is a major challenge for industries that use print templates that are often standardized. The IML process differs in that it offers a print effect on plastic.

Are you a visionary who is concocting an idea that is out of the ordinary? Then rejoice, because at Aspasie we can develop special projects that meet the needs of brand managers and molders. We design and manufacture in-mold labels that match your ambitions with the needs of your products, your brands, and your target market.

As a development and production consultant, Aspasie can help bring even your most creative projects to fruition.

By working with us to develop your project, you are assured of an IML product that is not only of excellent quality but also entirely customized. Whether you require permanent, transparent, or waterproof labels, we will deliver injection in-mold labels that will stand out from other competitive products, all with a view to increasing your sales. Why not put our expertise to the test!