Beverages (Cut & Stack Only)


Markets served

The beverage container market faces specific demands that are mainly related to the blow molding process. Cut & Stack labels are often the perfect solution for containers with typically round, cylindrical, or curved shapes.

Although Cut & Stack labels offer fewer features than in-mold labels in terms of durability and resilience, they nonetheless offer a vast choice of films (thin, thick), inks, and finishes (special coatings, foil-stamping, embossing, etc.). The graphic possibilities are therefore excellent for highlighting your product.

Cut & Stack labels are an advantageous and economical choice for beverage containers, whether for short-run or high volume quantities.

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2106 Bellefeuille Street
Trois-Rivieres (Quebec)
Canada G9A 3Y9

221 Saint-Georges Street
Saint-Barnabe-Nord (Quebec)
Canada G0X 2K0